How to Remain Fashionable At Work


office wear woman
office wear woman

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. - Coco Chanel

It has always been an aim of every modern woman to look pleasing and presentable no matter what field she is in. It doesn't matter if she's that woman who heads a dynamic team in advertising or marketing, a supermodel of the runway, a wise businesswoman, a college teacher, an office-based industrial engineer, a young IT professional, a lawyer, a researcher, an artist, a writer, an architect, an interior designer-she will always make it a point to look classy and fabulous, as Coco Chanel aptly said.

Putting together an ensemble for dresses and styles for working women isn't something that naturally comes to every member of Eve's clan. "There are some of us who simply have the knack of putting together the best office attire at any day, but there are also those like me who struggle day by day on coming up with a fresh new look. I always have the staple black dress, but a lot of women in the office already do that. So what I do is always buy a simple sleeveless dress which I often pair with a dark or neutral toned denim jacket or cardigan. Usually, this is a look I follow when I am going to meet with my team for brainstorming or meeting. I try to be a bit more formal and wear my corporate ensemble with a knee-high, A-line skirt paired with a long sleeved top with front buttons and high V-neck. I still try to be conservative but classy in the workplace so I avoid wearing something too provocative or sexually suggestive. My staple Mary Jane shoes are often at least 3 inches, and I carry a satchel bag," shared Honeylette, who works as a senior consultant in a law firm.

Online shopping for office wear is Singapore based ESL teacher Apple's way to always be trendy, "I have this habit of giving away clothes that I used often every December. That's just my way of giving back. That's why, I shop often too to make sure I don't run out of corporate clothes to wear. Good thing, I have online sites to visit and it is easy now to find the styles I like because there are just so many selections. My staples when lecturing in a formal setting is a grey or black slacks with a ¾ sleeved top, usually with a brighter color to make me look lively and not too boring and intimidating for my students. My bag is the usual hobo type where I put most of my things. I have to wear wedge with no slings because I need to sometimes reach for some things and I don't want to always ask for my students' help. "

Being fashionable and trendy according to Tamara, an executive secretary in a TV network, should also be about looking fresh and all dolled up. It is not enough that you have best office wear dresses and the best shoes and bag, "Look and smell good. You cannot show up in an important office event without putting on some make up, of course, and without fixing your hair. The make-up doesn't have to be overdone, but make sure to put on some lip tint, foundation and concealer-and groom your eyebrow. Your hair should also match the shape of your face and should complement your office attire. Yes, it seems to be a lot of work, but it adds to your confidence. And when one is confident, you start to believe in yourself and you become more productive. So you see, this is not just about looking pleasing-there is more to just looking classy."