How to Improve Grades in Math and Physics


A lot of students are struggling with subjects like math and physics especially when they get into more advanced classes in Junior College. With their grades crucial in Junior College, a lot of these students are looking for some tips and supplementary learning they can use to improve their chances of getting good grades in these subjects. In this article, we list down some tips you can teach your child improve their grades significantly.

1. Listen & Take Down Notes

It is one thing to listen but it is also another thing to actually understand what the teacher is saying. This is why it is important for your child to truly listen during class instruction. If they understand a concept, they can take down concise notes. Students shouldn't take down every single thing a teacher says. It is more important for them to understand rather than just cram all that happened during class into their notebook.

2. Ask Questions

The reason why students struggle at school is because when they don't understand a concept rather than asking questions, they just keep it to themselves. With advanced classes moving in a very fast pace, students who don't understand a certain topic or concept often gets left behind. If it's in a classroom or even an A math tuition centre, they should always address the topics that are unclear to them early on.

3. Study Group

Encourage your child to form a study group with other students. It is especially beneficial for them to have a study group with other students who attend the same classes. They will develop this camaraderie. They can study for exams and quizzes. This way if they ever miss a class, they can always rely on their study group's notes. Plus, it is also a great way for them to widen their social circle.

4. Tuition Centre

A tuition centre in Singapore is also another great way to supplement their learning. A tuition curriculum is geared towards making students excel in a variety of subjects. Most offer choices that focus on tough subjects such as chemistry A level or physics tuition O level. These tuition courses enable your child to reach their potential in classes. What is good about tuition centres is they only cater to a few students at a time. This empowers your child to ask questions if they are unsure about a particular concept or topic.

Through these tips, you can give your child a fighting chance to ace their exams and enter a university of their choice. Aside from all of these tips, encouragement is probably thing you can do. You'd be surprised what parents can do if they offer their child positive encouragement to achieve their goals.

Do you have any other tips? Let us know in the comments below. 

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